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Satisfied clients return again and again and refer their friends and loved ones. We offer short- and long-term counseling to best meet your treatment needs.

What Therapy Session Gives You

We are psychologists and our goal is to partner with you to enhance the quality of your life.

As psychologists and cognitive behavioral therapists, we have worked with hundreds of patients and understand the peculiarities of various psychological issues that people face. Our work revolves around being friendly and polite.

Proper Treatment 100%
Emotional Relief 90%
Support and Care 70%
Self-Confidence 39%

Whatever you said to my daughter in your meeting yesterday resulted in the most interesting, engaging, honest conversation that I have had with her in a very LONG time! She called me on her way home and we talked for at least 20 minutes. Thank you – so glad we found you!


I can’t begin to even put into words how you have helped me and “saved” me from self-destruction both mentally and physically! THANK YOU does not seem adequate for all you have done over the years and knowing if I do struggle to the point I can't cope on my own that you will always be there.


At my age, I figured can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but after my sessions with Matthew my life is finally where I want to be. The tools and encouragement given were wonderful and I use them often. Thanks so much for helping me find who I really am :)


I have been seeing various therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, group counselors for probably 20 years. Joy was by far the best therapist I have ever worked with. I felt comfortable with her instantly. I have recommended her to others and talked to many about how amazing she has been for me.


Matthew is a very nice person who I felt comfortable discussing a variety of sensitive and somewhat embarrassing issues. He is not judgmental but does guide you in your quest for a solution to your problem.


The work with Martha was helpful, and her gentle suggestions and ideas helped me process through my situation. She never judged but offered empathy and compassion always. Thank you!


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